Blacksmith Kennels
est. 2005

Welcome to Blacksmith Kennels

  My goal is to breed a bully, healthy and above all, athletic bulldog. Capable of performing and still have the love of family that I consider important. Thanks for visiting, and please feel free to email or call with any questions. We are located in Grand Ledge, Michigan - Blacksmith.

A little peek into my vision. A Blacksmith Bulldog is a vision I have in my head, my own idea of my perfect dog. I want the bully-ness of my bulldogs, and the cleaner bite of the bullies. I want a dog in the 45-65lb range with massive head, wide muzzles, enough length in the muzzle to support a clean bite and enough room to prevent teeth crowding. Wide chest but NOT "out" at the shoulder or elbows, pointing  straight avoiding "easty-westy". Heavy bone. Not so cobby as to lead to vertebrae issues but no "wiener dog" length either. As far as colors, yes I want them to have one, but will not breed to one color specifically, but will not add merle. They will carry all the combinations with no one color taking precedence. I will be registering my Bulldogs with the I.O.E.B.A.


Blacksmith's Diabolix Rex at 13 months. He is a perfect example of the Blacksmith Bloodline and my vision for it!

BSK's Blue Mako at 2 years.